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About Bill Cameron

As a former U.S. Open Champion in West Coast Swing, Bill is recognized as one of the pillars of the WCS world. He is a respected judge – including of the U.S. Open – and also in demand as an MC. His DJ prowess is vast. He is often the first to innovate, bringing fresh ideas and practices to the WCS environment. Bill has the unique ability to use his abundant wit to whip dancers into shape. When he is not teaching, he can be found providing excellent dance floors for many varied dance events or playing with his daughter.

About Yuna Davtyan

Yuna has an extraordinary range of dance experience, from the ballet she studied as a child in Russia to the Ballroom she took up in the States. But for many years her focus has been on West Coast Swing, as an All-Star competitor and as an instructor. Her ability to spot a problem area and quickly correct it may explain why she is in heavy demand as a private coach. When she’s not thrilling people on the dance floor, she is working in social services and hanging out with her daughter.

Summer Hummer

Bill and Yuna’s Summer Hummer is universally recognized as the most awesome WCS weekend of the year. Attracting the top pro instructors from around the country and abroad, hundreds of dancers converge to learn, learn, learn, to dance, dance, dance, and to play! Summer Hummer’s BBQ and infamous pool party are the stuff of legends.

New Year's Dance Extravaganza

Once you get hooked on WCS, you will want to spend your favorite holidays with your WCS community. Bill and Yuna throw a weekend-long New Year’s Eve Dance Extravaganza that cannot be missed. Bring your swankiest outfit for Saturday night. With world-class instructors, dazzling competitions and shows, and renowned parties, it is the most splendid place to bring in the New Year.

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